What is eCommerce Hosting and how it works?

E-commerce commonly refers to the buying and selling process of various products and services through the online environment. E-commerce websites are in most cases well designed websites with high amounts of traffic. Anyone who wants to have an e-commerce website, needs to consider a few important things including secured methods of payment collection, management of refunds and the adequately secured storage of sensitive data on the server collected from the users of the website.

Numerous web-based applications are widely available for online entrepreneurs to start an e-commerce website and to start selling products and services through the internet.

E-commerce web hosting refers to a hosting type, which enables e-commerce websites to be hosted in most cases on dedicated server hardware. If you consider that your e-commerce website will not require a lot of bandwidth, e-commerce web hosting available through shared hosting should be enough for you, or you can simply use one, made available through some other web hosting plan.

Small businesses can choose from the offer of numerous web hosting companies which provide various hosting plans which include ecommerce integrated features. In this situation, there is no need for a full-extra ecommerce web hosting, as small businesses in most cases will use third-party shopping cart, payment processors and various e-commerce tools. Thus, these businesses have no reason to store sensitive data about their customers on any hosting server.

Medium and large ecommerce websites are the ones that can make full use of an ecommerce web hosting plan which typically includes dedicated services and features, such as specifically designed support center, combined with video tutorials and guides for a comprehensive ecommerce website.

Benefits of an ecommerce web hosting includes such useful features as unlimited network bandwidth and web space, ability to choose your backend databases, a large number of free-to-use scripts and ecommerce shopping carts, website hosting and quite frequently dedicated technical and customer support. In some cases, some of the ecommerce hosting plans are offered along with money-back guarantee, free installation through technical support and free quick setup with the use of wizard.

Among the must have features your ecommerce web hosting should include, is the ability to securely store sensitive data on the hosting server. It is a vital requirement, except the case when for the security of your ecommerce transactions you choose to use external database or you plan to outsource.

Ecommerce hosting can also provide password protected directories, as a guarantee that only the owner has access to the highly sensitive business data.

Without any doubts, ecommerce web hosting is an excellent choice for those who need to host an ecommerce website and who need fully secured data storage and transaction processing, along with large network bandwidth.

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  1. I want to start an online shop for selling products. Do I need an ecommerce hosting for that website or I can use any web hosting service? Can you suggest a good ecommerce hosting solution that is not too expensive but it is reliable?

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