Pre-installed software: A good reason to keep an eye on trends

Fantastico is pretty out of date these days, equipped with software that people have stopped using since 2005. As a host, you have to keep up with the current trends to grab the attention of your customers, and you have to make sure your system will pick up the updates of each script when they get released.

But why? Well, for one thing, it’s very vulnerable to have just one user on your server running outdated software, another is that not all can do the procedure needed to update it themselves. More and more people are looking for hosts that have common software like WordPress installed because they want something out of the box, a phrase you hear in the Apple commercials.

We’re moving into a era where people use cloud computing, netbooks, and tablets as their main computer. People aren’t looking to learn FTP and HTML these days. Web hosting, especially the kind that is simple, will gain popularity in the next six months. This is a great opportunity not to only become the next GoDaddy, but the next MobileMe and Google Sites with everything built in and user friendly.

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