Making a good impression with your homepage design

I find that most web hosting companies don’t have an appealing front page. They think that showing pictures of their hard drives, a lady with a headset, and flashy design will be enough to get customers. However, to most these days, it’s not at all that impressive and can really turn off visitors because it’s what imaging every other service uses.

Your start page should be elegant, smooth, and appealing. It should give a brief of the services you offer, and the platforms you support. Specials should be noticed on the description of your plan, but be careful not to clutter it! Think of it as being something that will be seen on a big billboard, actually, think of the center area of your page as a billboard. If you do that, it becomes easier to design.

Think of the people that you’re wanting to host. Different designs appeal to different people. You want people to click on the different links on the page, not close out after a few seconds, keep that in mind. Keep it light, keep it simple, but not too simple that it doesn’t draw attention. Thinking outside of the box is always a good idea.

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