How to install xCache from source

Running a caching solution on your VPS or dedicated server can squeeze a few extra users on it before you’ll have to upgrade to more expensive hardware, and should reduce load times for visitors. A total win-win situation for all involved.

{code type=code}wget
tar -zxf xcac-*.tar.gz
cd xcache
./configure –enable-xcache
make install
cat xcache.ini >> /etc/php.ini

Line 1. This gets the xcache files needed for install. Currently at version 1.2.2
Line 2. This untars the package
Line 3. Switches you to the xCache directory
Line 4. Lets you install xCache without recompiling php
Line 5. Sets configuration options
Line 6. Prepares it for install
Line 7. Installs
Line 8. Adds the default xCache configuration options to your php.ini file. (Note: If your php.ini file is in a different location do a ‘locate php.ini’ to find it)

After you’ve installed it you’ll need to change php.ini to ensure everything is okay.

{code type=code}nano /etc/php.ini{/code}

Make sure that ‘zend_extension=../../’ appears before all other ‘zend_extension=….’ or else you’ll have problems.

Just for good measure, restart php and apache to ensure nothing fails. Enjoy your new optimized caching server!

Choosing the correct hosting company

Whenever you decide you want to launch a website one of the first things you’ll need, is the hosting services. Luckily sites like this one exist that let users rate their hosting experiences and you don’t have to worry about if the hosting company is good or not, or if they pay out the highest affiliate sale for their number one rating.

Specialized Hosting:
Choosing the correct hosting company really depends on the project. For instance if you use a popular script like vBulletin, there are hosting companies who specialize in their hosting for them. URLJet is one example of a provider who would be a specialized hosting company.

Hosting for SEO:
Your websites speed is a ranking factor of how well it does in search results. If you have a slow site, then you’re ranking could be negatively effected. If you have a fast site, your rankings would positively be effected. While this maybe a small ranking factor it can also be a deal breaker for your visitors. If your site is taking over 5 seconds to load, then expect the visitor to be on his way out before he ever gets a look at it. If you have a project where it’s success is vital, completely skip shared hosting environments and go with a VPS provider. Reading user reviews of VPS hosting providers can be a good way to learn about what companies to go with, and who to avoid.

The Best Support:
No one ever wants to experience the dreaded down time, especially when its something out of your hands. Having a hosting company with a great support department is essential to your hosting experience. If the hosting support team doesn’t know what they’re doing, expect it to be a bad overall experience. The best support teams for hosting companies out there I’ve seen will help you every step of the way, and will actually work improving your sites load times by making suggestions to improve it, don’t settle for anything less when it comes to support.

Don’t rely solely on numbers, and don’t get scared of them either:
Most hosts these days are really throwing the “Unlimited” term around. Nothing is or can be unlimited, and it couldn’t be more true in the hosting industry. This is a common tactic known as “overselling” and you shouldn’t make your decision based off of it. Don’t be afraid to go with a host who oversells either, usually they are still reliable and provide good service for the price you’re paying.

Find a hosting company, who is only a hosting company:
It maybe tempting to get hosting after you’ve purchased a domain name, especially if you can do it all in one spot. This generally leads to major disappointment, and paying to much for hosting services that are sub-par and could be found cheaper and better else where. A company who’s primary focus is on something like domain names, won’t be able to provide the top level of support they should, and you shouldn’t have to settle for less!

Find a host that gives back:
Most hosting companies usually give you something in return for using their services. Some hosting companies will provide you with over $100 in coupons to services like Google Adwords, or Yahoo search marketing, and some provide them for Miva merchant accounts. If you’re looking for a hosting company that gives back to the environment rather than your pocket books check out Think Host and their eco friendly approach to hosting.