What is eCommerce Hosting and how it works?

E-commerce commonly refers to the buying and selling process of various products and services through the online environment. E-commerce websites are in most cases well designed websites with high amounts of traffic. Anyone who wants to have an e-commerce website, needs to consider a few important things including secured methods of payment collection, management of refunds and the adequately secured storage of sensitive data on the server collected from the users of the website.

Numerous web-based applications are widely available for online entrepreneurs to start an e-commerce website and to start selling products and services through the internet.

E-commerce web hosting refers to a hosting type, which enables e-commerce websites to be hosted in most cases on dedicated server hardware. If you consider that your e-commerce website will not require a lot of bandwidth, e-commerce web hosting available through shared hosting should be enough for you, or you can simply use one, made available through some other web hosting plan.

Small businesses can choose from the offer of numerous web hosting companies which provide various hosting plans which include ecommerce integrated features. In this situation, there is no need for a full-extra ecommerce web hosting, as small businesses in most cases will use third-party shopping cart, payment processors and various e-commerce tools. Thus, these businesses have no reason to store sensitive data about their customers on any hosting server.

Medium and large ecommerce websites are the ones that can make full use of an ecommerce web hosting plan which typically includes dedicated services and features, such as specifically designed support center, combined with video tutorials and guides for a comprehensive ecommerce website.

Benefits of an ecommerce web hosting includes such useful features as unlimited network bandwidth and web space, ability to choose your backend databases, a large number of free-to-use scripts and ecommerce shopping carts, website hosting and quite frequently dedicated technical and customer support. In some cases, some of the ecommerce hosting plans are offered along with money-back guarantee, free installation through technical support and free quick setup with the use of wizard.

Among the must have features your ecommerce web hosting should include, is the ability to securely store sensitive data on the hosting server. It is a vital requirement, except the case when for the security of your ecommerce transactions you choose to use external database or you plan to outsource.

Ecommerce hosting can also provide password protected directories, as a guarantee that only the owner has access to the highly sensitive business data.

Without any doubts, ecommerce web hosting is an excellent choice for those who need to host an ecommerce website and who need fully secured data storage and transaction processing, along with large network bandwidth.

How to Take Advantage of a Free Google AdWord Credits

Google AdWord credits are available for free to anyone. There are various different ways to obtain those credits, but in most cases your best option is through web hosting companies who provide them as part of their offered services. Numerous web hosts offer you vouchers and credits for several marketing programs, for instance AdWords, Yahoo and several more. All you have to do is to check the hosting companies for their available packages. Take your time and explore your options as you can able to obtain even $200 in credits for your marketing efforts through your web hosting package.

Your account is easier to manage if you can get Google AdWord credits for free. You are not required to spend money on these credits, money that you can invest on other aspects of your website. In fact it is rather simple to get these free credits you just have to find them. Luckily for you, there are plenty of places to look for them and it should not be hard to locate an excellent web host along with the free credits, regardless of what kind of hosting you are looking for.

The web hosting industry is a serious one and we are everything we can to offer you only the best reviews and information about various different hosting companies that can fulfill your hosting needs. We offer you highly recommended web hosting services, as they are among the best that are currently available on the market. We have performed thorough researches in order to find the best companies in each area, including those companies as well which provide free Google AdWord credits along with other useful marketing credits. All you have to do is to analyze the provided hosts and determine the one that best suits your needs.

It is always rather difficult to select a web host, but when such free incentives are being offered along with the package, it is definitely easier to pick one. For instance IX Webhosting or iPage are not just top companies, but they also offer free bonuses as well. Anyone can grab their share of free Google AdWord credits; you just have to take advantage of it. However, it is always recommended to check the other aspects of your web host as well, to avoid getting only the tempting free bonuses from an otherwise unreliable web hosting provider.

Finding Affordable Web Hosting

find affordable hosting

Numerous affordable web hosting companies are currently available out there. It is vital to choose the best possible one if you want to have a successful website, as the quality of web hosting is just as crucial as affordable hosting services. A cheap web hosting solution is of no use if the website visitor experiences difficulties in actually visiting the desired web page. Read on for some things to consider in order to get quality web hosting services.

The latency of a good hosting company is among the first things to look for. There are numerous tools online which can help you determine their ping times. Generally, these tools are free to use, so it is a good idea to take advantage of them. It is also recommended to verify the latency time of the web hosting company from a number of different cities. This is important especially for the cities you choose to target during a pay per click campaign. This check will help you achieve a better click through and conversion.

The uptime of an affordable web hosting company is the second thing that has to be checked. An e-commerce store will be negatively influenced by a rather low uptime percentage. Web shoppers will certainly not spend too much time or their money on a slow website. According to some studies, online shoppers will simply quit a website within 8 to 10 seconds if they fail to see whatever they are looking for within that timeframe. Website owners are losing customers if the server is down most of the times.

It is also extremely important to check the quality of the software. A good web hosting company should be able to offer various different useful software for the website and for the easy use of it. The list of available software should include such content management systems as Mambo and Joomla, and blog software, for instance WordPress. Other might be looking for a forum as well. Additionally, the right web hosting company should offer up-to-date versions of server applications and PHP.

Proper SQL databases are another thing to look for in a good web hosting company. Generally, the current professional websites extract their data from some SQL database, allowing complex websites to deliver high quality content to website visitors. We are talking about an essential feature for the website.

A good cPanel should also be present in the offer of a good and affordable web hosting company. cPanel can significantly improve the maintenance and the development of any website. The time needed to perform certain tasks, including the setup of additional domain names, email accounts and the check of visitors statistics, will be lessened with the use of cPanel.

You should also check the availability of dedicated hosting as well. Numerous affordable web hosting companies are able to offer affordable dedicated servers for various e-commerce websites. Dedicated hosting servers will provide high speed and increased security needed for such websites. The setup of SSL certificates needed for secure transactions will also be an easier task.

Keep an eye on what’s being hosted on your servers

Keep to your terms of service, otherwise it makes customers mad when they see others using the same company using their shared hosting for illegal activities. If a huge music label tries to sue a website, the first thing that will happen is that YOU, the web host, will get fined for allowing the content stay on the site. It doesn’t matter who did it, but you didn’t take the appropriate actions, that you said you would, stated in your usage policy.

It is important that you don’t let things get out of hand, always check on your customer’s site every week. When you kick out the people that are hosting the illegal content, you’ll see that your server will work more healthier anyway. You don’t want something like that ruining your reputation on the internet.

t’s not even just music, it’s the images being stored that you have to keep an eye on too. Copyright owners and people who want justice for their privacy being invaded will also go through you first before contacting the offender. Bottom line is, KNOW your customers, KNOW their content, and KNOW their web history. Otherwise, you can lose it all and there goes all your hard work.

Tips when offering “deals” to new customers

Offering a cool deal to save new customers money is good, but keep in mind on what you’re actually doing. It’s okay to make fifty dollars off your clients, it’s not the greatest to make a dime. Remember that it’s not all about the cost, but it’s the quality of your service that really matters. People don’t want to pay $1 a month for a host that goes down every single minute, they don’t want to pay you $20 a month for that kind of service either.

When starting out, you want to charge a minimum of $10 a month on a dedicated server. Stable ones don’t cost too much, but you want to make sure you’re making at least the amount you paid for it back. You need to keep at that price range for a year, seeing if it was really worth the investment. Don’t buy more space until you have maxed out with the amount of customers. People come and go because they find better deals, so even though you might have twenty customers for six months, that could very well be five by the end of the year.

The good thing about web hosting sites is that they’re easily sellable. Once you have at least a few people and find that you’re no longer wanting to go in that direction anymore, you can put it up for sale. People are either wanting to buy your full website, or they’ll want the customers to add to their base. You need to make sure you’re informing your clients about the change though, otherwise it’s bad for the next owner because they could leave after finding out. This could cause revenue cost to you because the buyer will want their money back.

So when offering your services, make sure that you’re providing a reasonable price and don’t worry about competition. Concentrate on what’s your actual limit and the profit you’re gaining from your price. A successful hosting company is one that 1) provides good customer service, 2) has good uptime, and 3) keeps up with the data coming in and out their servers. Keep that in mind!