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What is VPS Hosting?

The internet is becoming increasingly relied upon by many businesses throughout the world. The majority of businesses now rely on their income that is generated online to create a profit. The reality is that many businesses are risking this income by not incorporating the right hosting plan into their business. For instance, many large corporations are trying to save on their monthly expenses, by using shared hosting plans, which might be cheap, but they are certainly not adequate.

Here is the thing; VPS (virtual private server) hosting is certainly what a lot of business needs. For those businesses that have seen extensive growth over the last few years, it might be that now is the time to upgrade their business hosting and take it to the next level. That being said, VPS hosting is not something that should be compared or confused with dedicated hosting, which is a completely different product altogether and one that is much more expensive.

Dedicated hosting packages allow corporations to host their website on a server that is dedicated to their company. This means that they do not share any aspect of the hosting with any other individual or company. Of course, this has plenty of advantages, but some down falls as well. The reality is that having a dedicated server is certainly not cheap. Hundreds and hundreds of dollars are month need to be budgeted in order to incorporate this type of hosting.

Price is certainly one of the major differences between dedicated hosting and VPS hosting. The great thing about VPS is that the corporation using it will get many of the benefits relating to dedicated hosting, without actually paying for it. What users of VPS will notice is that they have both their own disc space, but they also have their own ram space as well.

In comparison to shared hosting, users will notice some huge differences which really set them aside from the rest. For example, each user will have customization access on a server level, something that would certainly not be expected for those that are using a shared plan. On a similar note, the server software such as cPanel and OS will also be incorporated. This essentially allows a business a greater range of customization, which helps a great deal when it comes to changing and promoting a website.

What about the price of VPS hosting?

VPS is known for being much more expensive than shared hosting, but the reality is that it really does offer some huge benefits which make this extra outlay worth while. The features that are included are worth their weight in gold, yet the price adjustment is fairly minimal. Of course, putting an actual figure on a package is difficult. Each service provider of VPS hosting will ask for a different monthly fee and of course, this fee will again change dependant on the features that are included. That being said, expecting to pay around $40 per month or more is a reasonable expectation.

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