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What is a dedicated server and who use it?

In a world where technology is constantly changing, the reality is that businesses need to change as well. They need to adapt to new developments to avoid getting left behind in any aspect of their business. As most businesses operate online, being the best online is certainly going to be important. Hosting is something that is incredibly important to consider and something that more and more businesses are now focusing their efforts on. Getting a hosting plan that is suited to a business at a reasonable monthly rate will certainly help a business to progress consistently in the long term.

What is a dedicated server?

Dedicated servers are something that many companies naturally progress to as they get more and more visitors. Essentially, these “servers” are actually computers that are dedicated to an individual business or website. This means that no aspect of the server is to be shared with any other use. Businesses can rent these servers directly from the web host and get some amazing deals on them, especially if they purchase multiple dedicated servers, rather than just one.

The pricing of dedicated servers will vary a great deal. Of course, the type of server will have a huge impact on the overall price. That being said, things such as the bandwidth used and the customer support that is required, will also change the price considerably. Overall, businesses need to choose the features that they require carefully, ensuring that they really do get the deal that suits them, rather than paying over the odds for features that they do not really need.

Choosing a dedicated server

For those that are new to the world of dedicated servers, choosing one might be difficult. For instance, there are two types of servers to consider. There are servers that are managed, and there are servers that are “stand-alone”. Managed servers are ideal for corporations that do not have the time or technical ability to fix their server if something was to go wrong.

Generally, these are bigger corporations, where their time spent fixing servers, would certainly be better spent actually developing their business as a whole. Comparing and contrasting the different deals, but also the different providers and features, will allow people to really get a grasp of what packages are out there.

Who is likely to use them?

Dedicated servers are suited to a range of individuals, websites and corporations. For instance, someone that has an e-commerce store that represents their primary income is going to want to ensure that this income is protected. They can do this by ensuring that their website is hosted on a dedicated server, which is going to give them the fastest speed, but also great support and the highest percentage of uptime possible. This means that they can spend their quality time developing their business and brand, rather than constantly monitoring, maintaining and fixing hosting issues. Obviously these types of companies are going to want to go for a managed server.

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