About ReviewBuilder

ReviewBuilder is an independent web hosting review site lunched in 2009. Since its launch has gone through many changes, has changed owners and has been revamped many times.

We hope, that ReviewBuilder is in good hands and we can make this site better and more informative and we can help internet users to find the hosting plan they need and build a website with ease.

Our goal is to create a top list of the best web hosting companies. To achieve this, we invest time and funds into testing and researching. Finally we publish our reviews and share our experience with our users.

Although we are affiliated with some of the companies listed on our website, we do not take this factor in our ratings and recommendation list. We have a strict guide on how we rate hosting providers.

How we rate web hosting companies?

about reviewbuilder

We rate web hosting providers based on their support, uptime, service and value. Ratings, reviews, awards and rankings of different hosting providers are based on our personal preference.

We also invite customers of these companies to submit their reviews to our website and rate them by using our rating system. We try to verify each submitted review; reviews that do not compile with our policy will be removed.

To make the best decision on choosing a plan, we suggest reading multiple hosting reviews on our website and compare hosting providers.

Due to the fact that hosting providers change very often their promotional prices and features, please do not rely entirely on the information presented on ReviewBuilder. Make sure you check each offer

We try to keep all information accurate and up to date on our site, however, due to the fact that hosting providers change their promotional prices and features often, there could be differences in the information presented here and the information that are available on a company’s official website. If you came across any inaccurate info, please do get in touch with us and we will make the necessary changes.

ReviewBuilder is and informative and educational website, our content is protected by the International Copyright Law.

ReviewBuilder.com and the company behind this website is not liable for any kind of losses under any circumstances.