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Finding the web hosting that is suitable for your website needs is not an easy task. It requires some sort of knowledge and understanding on how web hosting and website works. Here at ReviewBuilder, we will guide you along your journey and will help you choose the hosting plan you need and how to build your own website by providing useful tutorials and articles.

Combining our tests and customers feedback helped us to create our expert reviews and a top list of the best hosting providers. If you buy hosting or other service or product through our website, we will receive a small commission from some of the companies.

shared hosting reviewsShared is the most popular web hosting type because most small and medium sized websites rely on shared plans. In this case, multiple hosting accounts are hosted on the same web server, sharing server resources, bandwidth, and software. This makes shared hosting affordable. There are however disadvantages as well, such as lower security and performance and lack of control over server configuration.
virtual private server reviewsKnown as Virtual Private Server, works similar to shared hosting with the difference, that provides higher security, more server resources, and more customization options at a higher cost. Multiple VPS accounts share the same web server, including bandwidth, CPU, memory, storage sharing, however each account has its all dedicated resource amount. Due to the fact that only few virtual accounts are created per server, it can provide much higher performance and reliability. It is also possible to have custom software installed to each individual account.
dedicated server hostingA dedicated server is the type of web hosting that enables its owners to have full control over the hardware and software that is being installed to the web server. Dedicated server can provide with the highest security and best performance; it is suitable to host sensitive information and handle high load of web traffic as well. Beside the high cost of a dedicated plan, this type of host also requires a higher skills set to manage the server. Most companies offer system admin services to help you out with your dedicated server, this hosting type is called managed hosting.
reseller hosting reviewsReseller hosting plan allows its owners to sell web hosting to its clients under their own brand. This type of hosting is mostly used by startup web hosting companies or web design agencies. Its setup is very similar to a VPS; basically multiple reseller accounts are spread over a web server, each account having its own allocated server resource and brand able software.
cloud hosting providersCloud hosting is becoming more and more popular thanks to its flexibility and scalability. Cloud computing is mostly used by websites that has to deal at once with high volume of traffic. The clustered servers make it possible to load balance and keep the website running all the time, providing 100% uptime. It is very powerful and yet affordable; however it is not suitable for storing sensitive information.

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If you are new to website building and don't know where to start, please read our complete a to z website building tutorial to learn how to make a website, how to register a domain name and how to choose a reliable web host.

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What is eCommerce Hosting and how it works?

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Keep an eye on what’s being hosted on your servers

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How to make a website?

First off, let’s figure out why you need a website?